About Us

Jordà & Guasch is a national real estate consultant specializing in advising business and investor in all phases of the property cycle.

Jordà & Guasch started up in business in 1996. It is their professional approach and business acumen, along with their extensive knowledge of the market that has made them one of the best consultancy agents in Spain today.

The company consists of a team of experts ensuring the best outcome from our services. Expert advice and highly efficient management enable our clients to reach their targets and obtain optimum results.

In Jordà & Guasch every product receives a unique and specialized treatment, each promotion is developed under a marketing plan specifically designed and directed by the Product Manager. To do this we analyze product typology, the target and the situation of the property market.

The philosophy of our company is:

  • Achieve the objectives of our client.
  • The quality of our services.
  • Teamwork.
  • Farsightedness.